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Global Project Outline

Fountain Data Files

cRIO Communication Wrapper

The cRIO (or Compact Reprogrammable Input/Output device) in the interface that we use to drive the fountain. It has custom LabView code running on it which dictates what we can send to it and how it will react. The packets sent to it are relatively simple to understand because they are a representation of the the next current state that the fountain should be in. The cRIO then responds with a smaller packet listing the status of the various resources it monitors.

The cRIO communication wrapper gives developers a simple way to build and send data packets without having to worry about the lower level implementation.

See: cRIO Communication Protocol

Fountain Emulator

Development for the fountain during winter used to be hard because there is nothing for us to test against except the physical fountain itself. A emulator will let us develop year round and gain a better understanding of how the fountain works.

Fountain Emulator Design Notes

Fountain Control Service

This will be the Master Control program that will run the various valve patterns and allow external input to override that currently running valve pattern.

Info for creating a service here

Fountain Kiosk

This will be an external graphical program that will communicate with the FCS. When the program is idle, it will query the FCS for the current state of the fountain and display that to the screen. When a user modifies the state on the kiosk, the program will post back to the FCS, and the FCS will send the new user dictated state to the cRIO.

Fountain Local Override and Maintenance Console

This will be a graphical program that can be run on the server to access and override the service. Here, various settings can be changed, such as restricting the use of certain valves by the service or external users, and who has precedence when logged in. It can also manually order the valves to turn on or off and disable the fountain (note this is only via software; the cRIO remains active).

Fountain Music Player and Recorder

The fountain can be attached to speakers on top of Engineering Hall. When a bollard in front of the fountain is triggered, we want a song to play.

Pattern Recorder

This will play the music and let the user tap the keyboard to toggle a valve on or off. The initial state for all valves is off.

Music Player

Once a pattern is recorded, it will be assigned to a bollard. When triggered, the program will play the song and pattern synchronously.

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